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Trivia Summer Outing - the gang

Trivia Summer Outing – 2010

Our team currently consists of about 20-30 regular players hailing from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Texas, and Indiana. In addition to our members who join us in Stevens Point each year, we have a number of people who like to play online.

You can see our motley crew in action in the Photo Gallery, check out our Standings History, or read more about our Team History below.

Team History

Freshly Squeezed was born in 1996 at University Lake Apartments, and what a long strange trip it’s been since then. A handful of unexperienced team members with no internet access made a half-hearted attempt at fifty-four hours of trivia like they had never seen it before. We registered our team at the last minute, choosing the name, Freshly Squeezed, out of our favorite TV series, Twin Peaks. Jenni, Barry, Trina, April, Jeff Sass, and Jeff Thomae were among the crew that year. And pathetic as our outcome was, it gave us the inspiration to come back for more.

Armed with more books, notes, and bodies, we headed back to Stevens Point in 1997. But with no internet access again, we only made a small improvement. Still, we had a lot of fun at April’s apartment, and we managed to get more people addicted to the thrill of Trivia. That year we hooked Kristi and Dawn.

We made leaps and bounds in 1998 with internet access and more diligent note taking efforts. It was the year of broccoli cheese casserole and our first taste of stone questions. Then in 1999, we moved the crew to the Baymont Inn & Suites, where we pulled together to move up the charts once more. That was the year we gained Heidi. It was a new experience for us to have none of the comforts of home – no kitchen to cook in, no stash of basic household items to use as resources, no college apartment furniture to crash on. Still, we made our way with a toaster oven and pizza delivery, and we somehow managed to not get kicked out despite our rowdiness all night long.

2000 was a big turning point for the team. It was the turn of a century, we were adapted to hotel life, and we used it to our advantage to get two internet connections. In addition, we added several new members to the team. We were more prepared than ever before with a team banner, video tapes, tons of notes, DVD’s, and a database that rocked. We were even able to convince the great and powerful Oz to throw out a question based on our video resources!

In 2003, we absorbed the three remaining members of OTIS, who have proven to be a tremendous addition to our team. Over the next few years, our team kept gaining momentum with new members, better technology, and an ever-evolving system to prepare for and play the contest. The kids grew up and started to make very meaningful contributions to the team, and our original members started to have kids of their own who are now being raised in the the Trivia tradition. We now play regularly from The Holiday Inn Express, taking up a good portion of the second floor with our members.

In 2010, we were surprised with an unexpected 12:30 AM call from The Oz. After 15 years of playing this crazy contest, we had finally reached the coveted top ten spot that we weren’t sure we’d ever get. Thrilled beyond belief, we proudly accepted out 10th place trophy.

And in 2013, we did it again! For more than half the contest, we had the pleasure of hearing our name read hour after hour in the top 5, then we dropped to 8th and battled between 6th and 8th place for several hours. Then came the blackout, and finally the 12:30 AM call to the station. We stood in sheer anticipation as they announced each top ten team. Ahead of Network and Graduates of a Lesser God (by the skin of our teeth!), two powerhouse teams we’ve been watching earn top 10 trophies for years, we earned our 5th place trophy.

Years ago, when we began writing our history, we could not have imagined being good enough to secure a top ten trophy. And here we are, two trophies in our collection and hungry for more! But the best part of Trivia for us is the opportunity to get together with friends and family and spend the weekend catching up and playing a game we all love.

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