The Contest

The World’s Largest Trivia Contest is held the second or third weekend of April. It begins at 6 pm on Friday night. There are eight questions broadcasted over the college radio station each hour. After a question is read, each team has the time it takes for 2 songs to play over the radio to call in an answer. You get just one guess, but you can use any resources you want to find your answer. Surf the net, call your friend in Africa, run to the grocery store, whatever it takes to find the answer. But you have to get it in on time, so you can’t wait until the end, or the busy signal will beat you! That’s basically how it works for 54 hours straight.

Then there are the special questions, which are done in addition to the eight per hour as above: the stone questions, the music questions, and the running questions. The stone questions are a series of clues that send your team members on a wild goose chase around the town. If you end up in the right place at the right time, you earn points for your team. The music questions consist of eight music snippets mashed together into a short clip. Your team has a few hours to try to decipher the titles and artists. The running questions are done at 7 am on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Your team is given a list of things to find. You have 45 minutes in which to perform this scavenger hunt. Often a ladder and tape measure are required. Correct answers earn points for your team. (And don’t forget to leave enough people at home to keep answering the regular questions!)

Points are divided by the number of teams that called in the correct answer. Easy questions are usually worth 5 points, whereas the more challenging ones may be worth a few hundred points. At the end of the contest, the teams are ranked by their point totals. The teams with the most points win the distinguished honor of obtaining top ten status and accepting their trophy on television (the student station – STV).

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